Assessment Workshop RFP

UMD Student Learning Assessment Workshops - Request for Proposals: 2023-24

UMD faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals to design, deliver, and evaluate workshops for UMD faculty and/or staff audiences on topics related to student learning assessment. The 2023-24 request for proposals is open for submissions with workshop delivery dates in July, August, fall, or next spring.

Proposal Submission and Review

Submit the Assessment Workshop Proposal Form via email to [email protected]. Proposals for spring 2024 workshops may be submitted any time and will be reviewed within two weeks of receipt. For consideration of a workshop delivered in July or August, proposals must be submitted by Friday, May 3, 2024, and they will be reviewed by May 17.

Workshop Criteria

1. Workshops must fulfill one or more needs identified by workshop instructors that will enhance participants’ knowledge and/or skills related to student learning assessment for educational experiences (e.g., courses, workshops), programs, units, and/or the campus.

  • Workshop instructors identify the participants, who can range from small predetermined groups (e.g., department faculty/staff, PALs within a unit) to all faculty and staff on campus.
  • Instructors may offer workshops on any student learning assessment topic or topics, though the following are current desired campus needs (as identified from the recent peer reviews):
    • Creating rubrics
    • Demonstrating reliability
    • Writing appropriate multiple-choice assessments
    • Involving students in assessment processes
    • Using assessment data to close the loop on previous reports

2. Workshop instructors must be sufficiently knowledgeable about the subject matters so that they may deliver the workshop successfully.

3. Accepted delivery formats:

  • In-person and online synchronous workshops:
    • These workshops must be 50 minutes or longer on specific dates and times.
    • Longer workshops may be accommodated in multiple sessions.
    • Participant assignments are optional.
    • In-person workshops must be held in on- or off-campus University facilities, and may include refreshments for participants.
  • Asynchronous workshops:
    • These workshops do not require participants to meet at any specific time.
    • Workshops must be delivered via Canvas.
    • Participants must be engaged with assignments and/or discussions via Canvas.
  • Hybrid workshops:
    • These workshops require participants to meet one or more times on specific dates and times.
    • Longer meeting times may be accommodated in multiple sessions.
    • The online portion of the workshops must be delivered via Canvas.
    • Participants must be engaged with assignments and/or discussions via Canvas.

4. Instructors recruit workshop participants with the support of the Campus Assessment office.

5. Workshops for which participants are required to spend a considerable amount of time completing activities may also receive a stipend toward their professional development funds upon successful completion. Examples include full-day workshops and month-long online or hybrid courses. Details and suggested dollar amounts must be included in the proposal submission.

Workshop Stipends for Instructors

Individuals who design, deliver, and evaluate their proposed workshops will receive a stipend as professional development funds. If a workshop is unable to secure 10 or more registered participants 48 hours prior to the workshop start date then the workshop must be rescheduled so it can be delivered in order for the instructor to earn the stipend. Funds will be transferred to a department account for the employee after completion of the workshop once the workshop's summary is submitted to [email protected].

The summary must include a list of participants, the aggregate evaluation results and qualitative data as applicable, and recommendations for improvement. If the workshop is delivered more than one time, the individual is expected to modify the previous offering(s) based upon participant feedback collected in evaluations as documented in their workshop summaries.

  • In-person or online synchronous - no participant assignments (informational only): $150 per hour of workshop time, initial offering; $100 per hour of workshop time, subsequent offerings
  • In-person or online synchronous - includes participant assignments and/or discussions for instructor review/feedback: $225 per hour of workshop time, initial offering; $175 per hour of workshop time, subsequent offerings
  • Asynchronous (Canvas): varies based on the workshop proposed, including course schedule and participant assignments and/or discussions; if subsequent offerings are delivered modifications are considered
  • Hybrid (in-person or online synchronous plus asynchronous on Canvas): $150 per hour of in-person or online synchronous workshop time plus an additional amount based on the asynchronous portion; subsequent offerings are $100 per hour of in-person or online synchronous plus an additional amount for the asynchronous portion