Category Rubrics

Faculty will use the common rubric for the category (or categories*) for which a course has been approved to conduct the assessment of student learning.  Please refer to the “How to Use the Liberal Education Category Rubrics” resource for details.

    Writing and Information Literacy Rubric 

    Oral Communication Rubric / Languages Rubric

    Theorizing Race, Power & Justice Rubric 

    Logic Rubric / Quantitative Reasoning Rubric

    Natural Sciences Rubric 

    Social Sciences Rubric 

    Humanities Rubric

    Fine Arts Rubric 

    Global Perspectives Rubric

    Cultural Diversity in the U.S. Rubric

    Sustainability Rubric 

* Some courses have been approved for a Knowledge Domain category (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts) and a Key Topics category (Global Perspectives, Cultural Diversity in the U.S., Sustainability).

Faculty teaching courses in the respective categories developed the rubrics. Category rubrics are reviewed when category results are discussed every three years as consistent with the assessment cycle (see Assessment Schedule).