Institutional Research Program Review Data

Program Review Data

UMD's Office of Institutional Research (OIR) provides the most recent five years of data to a program during the year prior to the site visits for inclusion in the self-study report and supporting materials*. The program will organize data as appropriate to their report, such as tables and charts to reference in the narrative. Programs are to use a numbering or lettering system along with headings, labels, and keys to facilitate the reviewers’ understanding of the information presented.

The AVC-program review sends the OIR-prepared data to the program's department head during November or December of the year in which the self-study is prepared. Non-degree data requests are determined in collaboration of the AVC responsible for the program and the program director as applicable. 

Degree Data 

Faculty FTE data presented by gender and faculty of color for each academic rank listed below as well as faculty retention and sabbatical leaves data.

  • Tenured
  • Tenure track
  • Term faculty
  • Without faculty status

Student data is provided for undergraduate and graduate degree programs as follows:

  • Undergraduate (by gender and race/ethnicity)
    • Number of students in the major
    • Number of graduates in the major
  • Graduate (by gender and race/ethnicity)
    • Number of applicants
    • Number of acceptances
    • Number of enrollees (new students)
    • Number of total enrollees
    • Number of graduates


* The department is responsible for costs incurred for additional data the program requests from ITSS.