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Reviewer Correspondence

Expense Procedures for Staff

The EVCAA office covers allowable expenses for the external program reviewers only. These allowable expenses include the EVCAA-approved honorariums, travel, lodging, and meals (including the reviewers' meals at the Dean's welcome dinner). The EVCAA office does not reimburse for long-distance phone calls, alcohol, or UMD employee meals.

1) Arrange flight and lodging for the program reviewers (the Dean's office will determine whether arrangements are made by the Dean's office or the Department office)

2) Set up each reviewer as a supplier for forthcoming reimbursements and honorarium. Use the following forms from the procedures website for Requesting a New Supplier or Changing an Existing Supplier:

  • Supplier Authorization Form: New Supplier (Form: UM1679A)
  • Independent Contractor Authorization (Form: UM1650) 
  • W-9

3) Collect itemized receipts for remaining travel-related expenses following the visit (mileage, parking, meals, misc.)

4) Ensure the official final report is received from the team chair prior to payment

5) Complete the Check Request Form (Form UM1659, Processing SPV Payments).

6) Submit all expense information using the downloadable Expense Summary Worksheet.

The Dean's office staff compiles the necessary documentation for their unit's program reviewers' expenses and submits the information to the EVCAA budget officer. Approved funds are transferred to the Dean's office, and the Dean's office distributes reimbursements as applicable.