Annual Program Assessment Reporting

Annual Program Assessment Report

Curricular programs submit one report per program containing the information for all PLOs assessed in an academic year. The report template and instructions are provided below.

Download the Annual Program Assessment Report template provided below and save the document to include the program and assessment year in the file name. Example: Amazing Studies 2022-2023 APA Report. If the program name is the same for the undergraduate and graduate levels, be sure to indicate the distinction in the file name using BS or MS; BASc or MA; etc. The document may be shared with others to view and contribute assessment data/information directly into the Report.     

Instructions for completing the report:

Section 1: Enter the basic program information. 

Section 2: Copy and paste the set of items (1A through 3C) for each program learning outcome reported for the assessment year (e.g., if the program is reporting three PLOs then paste the copied text two times so there are three sets of items total). If the program is reporting on only one learning outcome, then no copying/pasting is necessary. Once the Report includes the set of items for each PLO to report, then add the information specified:

1A. Program Learning Outcome (PLO): the outcome statements are listed on the assessment plan.

1B. UMD SLO/Graduate LGC primary alignment: identify only one campus SLO (undergraduate programs) or Graduate Learning Goal Category (graduate programs); the number is clearly stated on the assessment plan.

2A. Describe or attach what students do that is assessed for the PLO (i.e., the assessment measure(s)): details are on the report form. Note: Measures are the students' work. A rubric is not a measure, but rather a tool used to assess the measures (refer to Measuring Student Learning Outcomes and Assessing Measures). 

2B. Describe how the measure is assessed and data are analyzed: details are on the report form. This is where rubrics are described if rubrics are used.

3A. Results: total number assessed and number meeting/exceeding satisfactory performance.

3B. Interpretations of the results: compare the results presented in 3A to the program's standard for student learning to determine if the outcome was met for the assessment year (undergraduate programs list the standards as performance indicators on the assessment plan). Also reflect back on changes in student performance since the previous report of the learning outcome and describe the program's attributions for changes that may be present (if applicable); UMD users may access previous years' Reports through the links in the sidebar on this webpage - University login required.

3C. Recommendations for improvement as informed by the assessment data: given the interpretations of the data as having met/not met the program's standard for student learning, describe any changes the program plans to make to affect student learning and/or assessment practices.

Section 3: Provide responses to the three items for the year's assessment work as a whole. 

The Annual Program Assessment Report for AY2022-23 is due Friday, September 22, 2023 via the Campus Assessment Data form as an uploaded file.

Campus Assessment Data Form

The PAL or other program designee will enter data from the Annual Program Assessment Report into the Campus Assessment Data form. Data collected are aggregated to prepare campus-level and unit-level reports to inform a variety of decisions that impact teaching and learning. The data also populate the student learning assessment results dashboard.

Fall 2023 Campus Assessment Data Form 

Click here for a guide with information on completing the form.

View example PDFs of the forms for different program types: