Annual Program Assessment Reporting

Annual Program Assessment Report

Curricular programs submit one report per program containing the information for all PLOs assessed in an academic year. The report template and instructions are provided below.

Download the Annual Program Assessment Report template provided below and save the document to include the program and assessment year in the file name. Example: Amazing Studies 2023-2024 APA Report. If the program name is the same for the undergraduate and graduate levels, be sure to indicate the distinction in the file name using BS or MS; BASc or MA; etc. The document may be shared with others to view and contribute assessment data/information directly into the Report.     

The APA Report Template is available below in a Google Document or Word Document format, please use the version that works best for your program's needs: 

Annual Program Assessment (APA) Report Template (google doc)

Reminder: Please copy and paste Section 2 for each of the Program Learning Outcomes that you are reporting. Program Learning Outcomes are found on your program's assessment plan.

The Annual Program Assessment Report for AY2024-25 is due Friday, September 20, 2024 via the Campus Assessment Data form as an uploaded file.

Campus Assessment Data Form

The PAL or other program designee will enter data from the Annual Program Assessment Report into the Campus Assessment Data form. Data collected are aggregated to prepare campus-level and unit-level reports to inform a variety of decisions that impact teaching and learning. The data also populate the student learning assessment results dashboard.

Fall 2024 Campus Assessment Data Form (coming soon)

Click here for a guide with information on completing the form.

View example PDFs of the forms for different program types:

  • Undergraduate curricular and co-curricular (the form for a previous year is shown; undergraduate programs can report PLOs in alignment with any campus SLOs any year)
  • Graduate (example: the fall 2020 form is shown; Graduate Learning Goal Categories 2)