Campus Learning Goals and Outcomes: Undergraduate

Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Learning Goal Alignment
  • SLO 1: Demonstrate competence in a major field. (Goal 1: Knowledge)
  • SLO 2: Construct, integrate, and apply knowledge from instruction and experience. (Goal 1: Knowledge)
  • SLO 3: Think critically and creatively in seeking solutions to practical and theoretical problems. (Goal 2: Thinking)
  • SLO 4: Use ethical reasoning to make informed and principled choices. (Goals 3 and 5: Self-realization and social responsibility)
  • SLO 5: Demonstrate self-knowledge across a range of developmental areas. (Goal 3: Self-realization)
  • SLO 6: Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, and interpersonal group interactions. (Goal 4: Relationships)
    • SLO 6a: Communicate effectively through writing. (Goal 4: Relationships)
    • SLO 6b: Communicate effectively through speaking. (Goal 4: Relationships)
    • SLO 6c: Communicate effectively through interpersonal group interactions. (Goal 4: Relationships)
  • SLO 7: Apply understanding of cultural differences in diverse environments. (Goal 5: Social responsibility)
  • SLO 8: Contribute to local, national, and global communities in which they live. (Goal 5: Social responsibility)
  • SLO 9: Apply life skills to succeed in college and beyond. (Goal 6: Life skills)

Additional details are shown in the UMD Learning Goals and Outcomes Summary, prepared in 2009 by UMD's Council for Assessment of Student Learning (CASL) and Student Development Assessment Team (SDAT).