Step 3 - Planning the Site Visit

Review Team Visit 

The Director and AVC of the respective program are responsible for arranging the team's schedule with the review team chair in advance so the reviewers can make travel arrangements compatible with the itinerary. The schedule is also coordinated with the Unit/Program Staff to prepare the team's transportation needs. 

Standard Schedule Outline 

Day #1: Arrival

  • Arrive in Duluth mid-day
  • Welcome dinner; the host (AVC, Unit/Program Director) depends upon the program being reviewed  
  • Review team meets as time permits

Day #2: Site Visit

  • Meetings, individually or in groups, with the AVC of the program, Unit/Program Director, faculty, students (undergraduate, graduate), and staff
  • Meetings with appropriate individuals in related programs
  • Tour(s) of department and related facilities
  • Dinner on Day #2 and the evening are set aside for the team to work on the evaluation report and to prepare for the exit meeting(s) on Day #3

Day #3: Wrap-up and Departure

  • Meeting(s) and/or tour(s) on campus identified by the review team at the end of Day #2 
  • Exit meeting for external reviewers to present oral summary of findings to EVCAA, AVCs, and Unit/Program Director
  • Depart Duluth early afternoon or evening


Virtual Review Option

Programs may seek approval from the Dean and EVCAA to conduct a team review virtually. In these instances the review may span a full week, Monday through Friday, through a series of Zoom meetings. For virtual reviews, each reviewer will have no more than 10-hours worth of meetings in total for the week, including the Dean's welcome meeting and the exit meeting