UMD's program development refers to a strategic process that guides programs to make integrated, data-informed and deliberative decisions designed to effectively meet the needs of future stakeholders and environmental conditions. The planning guidelines include data collection and analysis as well as creation/revision of the future value proposition, goals, and action plans. The planning process is led by the program and conducted collaborately by its faculty.

Anyone with a UMD email account may access and download the program development resource files provided on the assessment website. For questions about the process or the resources provided, contact Jennifer Mencl ([email protected]).

Step 1: Identify the program's baseline and recent trend data

Step 2: Identify the program's strengths and opportunities as informed by data; can do full SWOT analysis

Step 3: Specify the program's future value proposition and related goals

Step 4: Plan for goal attainment

Once the plan is established: Implement, review and update established plans as appropriate (ongoing). Programs are encouraged to complete the program development process following their external program reviews.