Reviewer Materials

The Review Team

Because the review team provides an invaluable external perspective for the program, the team will:

  • Read materials provided in advance.
  • Determine meetings with the program's stakeholders in consultation with the Dean's office.
  • Ask questions during the site visit in order to confirm self-study information and collect additional information for completion of the program review evaluation form. Generally speaking, the reviewers will run the on-campus meetings during the site visit.
  • Complete the program review evaluation form.

Team Members

All team members identified must have:

  • Demonstrated expertise in the program's discipline/subfield (degree programs) or function (non-degree programs).
  • Demonstrated experience related to the type of the program and institution.
  • Ability to provide an objective review.
  • Not previously served as an external reviewer for the program at UMD.

Team members will receive an honorarium of $800 and paid expenses.

The Team Chair

The team chair takes a leadership role for the site visit team. The individual:

  • Serves as the liaison for all communications between the team and the Dean’s/AVC's office on behalf of the program.
  • Takes the lead in creating the visit schedule in consultation other team member(s) based on the schedule outlined by UMD and works with the Dean’s/AVC's office to finalize the details. 
  • Reserves the right to request additional information about the program, which will be provided if feasible.
  • Determines how the team will divide the evaluation writing responsibilities; writes a portion of the team’s evaluation report; ensures the report is completed and submitted by the requested date. The team's report should be sent directly to the Dean within 6 weeks after the site visit.

The team chair will receive an honorarium of $900 and paid expenses.

Team Evaluation Form

The team chair will coordinate the completion of the evaluation report for the program(s). The Degree Program Review Form template is linked below; the form may be modified for teams reviewing more than one program in a department. No standardized form is provided for non-degree programs since the evaluation criteria vary by program type. Contact Jennifer Mencl ([email protected]) with questions about the form.

Expenses and Reimbursements

A UMD staff member will book flights and lodging for the reviewers. Reviewers may prefer to drive based on their distance from Duluth; mileage will be reimbursed based on University policy at the time of travel.

Before the site visit, reviewers will receive forms to complete so that they can be setup in the University system to receive their honorarium and expense reimbursement (submit forms to the UMD staff member who makes arrangements). 

After the site visit, reviewers must submit itemized receipts for all other expenses incurred during the travel for their site visit (submit receipts to the department staff member). The University does not reimburse for alcohol, long-distance phone calls, or fees for airline reservation changes.