Category Data and Reports

Assessment data provided by faculty are aggregated at the category level for campus reporting purposes.  These category reports are forwarded to the Liberal Education Subcommittee for review and interpretation, recommendations, and actions, as summarized in the following documents.

Academic Year 2019-20: L&QR, Hu, CDUS

Academic Year 2018-19: OCL, NS, GP

Academic Year 2017-18: SS, FA, Su, W&IL

Academic Year 2016-17: L&QR, Hu, CDUS

Category Reports (available to anyone with a UMD username (x.500))

    Writing and Information Literacy 

    Oral Communication and Languages 

    Logic and Quantitative Reasoning 

    Natural Sciences 

    Social Sciences 


    Fine Arts 

    Global Perspectives 

    Cultural Diversity in the U.S.