Course Report Forms

Faculty will use the appropriate report form(s) to provide assessment data and related information about their Liberal Education Program course(s):

  • Assessment data should be submitted for each course throughout the 3-year assessment schedule for the category in a manner consistent with departmental expectations (e.g., each time the course is taught, for one pre-determined semester in the 3-year schedule for the category).  The goal is to have a sample size that is large enough to conduct meaningful analysis for the course.
  • Faculty teaching the same course may submit combined information on one form or section-specific information on one form.  This process should be specified at the department level by faculty teaching the courses.
  • Assessment data and information provided on the course report form include: a brief description of the course requirement(s) that were assessed for the category SLOs (e.g., exam questions, papers, performances), an explanation of what constituted "satisfactory" responses to merit a rating of Level 1 or Level 3 (note: proficiency level depends upon the course level determined by the faculty), the assessment results, a description of potential improvements based on the results, and an explanation of how faculty in the department share assessment information about the course.
  • When a form is submitted, the faculty member automatically receives a copy. Faculty can also revise the submission. Faculty may login to their UMD account to view the courses reported by category from the Completed Course Reports page on this website.

   Writing and Information Literacy Course Report Form
           WPLO 1 
           WPLO 2 and 3 
           WPLO 4 

    Oral Communication Course Report Form (all years) / Languages Course Report Form (all years)

    Logic Course Report Form (all years) / Quantitative Reasoning Course Report Form (all years)

    Theorizing Race, Power and Justice (all years)

    Natural Sciences Course Report Form (all years)

    Social Sciences Course Report Form (all years)

    Humanities Course Report Form (all years)

    Fine Arts Course Report Form (all years)

    Global Perspectives Course Report Form (all years)

    Cultural Diversity in the U.S. Course Report Form (all years)

    Sustainability Course Report Form (all years)