3-Year Program Assessment Cycle

3-Year Program Assessment Cycles

Across a 3-year cycle, each program learning outcome for the program is assessed and reported at least one time. The 3-year cycle allows for time so that changes intended to improve student learning may be implemented. Some co-curricular programs may choose to utilize a yearly assessment cycle because changes may be implemented more quickly than in curricular programs.

Undergraduate programs determine their own reporting schedules for their 3-year cycles, such as the one shown in the following table for a program with three sets of program learning outcomes (one set reported each of the 3 years in a cycle), repeated for three assessment cycles.

Assessment Reporting Years for Three Cycles
Program Learning Outcomes Cycle 1 Reporting Years Cycle 2 Reporting Years Cycle 3 Reporting Years
Set A 2018-19 (report fall 2019) 2021-22 (report fall 2022) 2024-25 (report fall 2025)
Set B 2019-20 (report fall 2020) 2022-23 (report fall 2023) 2025-26 (report fall 2026)
Set C 2020-21 (report fall 2021) 2023-24 (report fall 2024) 2026-27 (report fall 2027)


Graduate programs agreed upon a common reporting schedule for graduate learning goal categories, which began assessment cycle #2 in 2019-20 as shown below.

  • Program Learning Outcome(s) for Goal 2: Assessment Year 2019-20 | Report Fall 2020 
  • Program Learning Outcomes for Goals 1 and 3: Assessment Year 2020-21 | Report Fall 2021
  • Program Learning Outcomes for Goals 4 and 5: Assessment Year 2021-22 | Report Fall 2022

This matrix summarizes the assessment years for all programs. Data were compiled from program assessment plans.

All programs provide an assessment update in the spring semester following their annual report submissions to demonstrate progress on their recommended changes and indicate whether assistance is needed.

The effectiveness of the program changes are evaluated through analysis of assessment results during the next year in which the program learning outcomes are assessed. This process officially closes the loop on the previously submitted assessment report for the respective learning outcomes.